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Closing time at the cottage

Closing time at the cottage

Take time before you close up for the season to make sure
everything is in good order.

Closing up the cottage for the season or preparing it
for the winterís harsh elements.

If youíre lucky enough to have year around access is important because you never know what sort of damage may await you when you arrive for the first visit of the spring. Before you say your final goodbye to your vacation home be sure you set aside a few days before you close it up to make sure you do a thorough inspection of every nook and cranny and make repairs to things that are not in good order.

1. Do a walk around inspection of the entire cottage. Check the siding, caulking around doors and windows, eaves and flashing, chimney and eaves troughs.

2. Trim any trees overhanging

3. Check the little things. Replace batteries for the smoke alarms and CO detectors. Block any new mouse holes with steel wool. Close any propane tanks valves and turn off any main power before you leave for the last time.

4. Lock all doors and windows. Leave a set of keys and your phone number with a neighbour or someone else you trust who can check the cottage on a regular basis.

5. Drain Plumbing pipes or have them blown out so they donít crack or burst. Turn off water pumps and the hot water tank and drain and disconnect any outside tanks and pumps.

6. Winterize the entire plumbing system with Propylene Glycol antifreeze.

7. Donít forget your appliances and other accessories. Check the ownerís manual to properly winterize them for the winter.

By Jami Kloet

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