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Handyman services from our Wasaga Beach base serves Collingwood and the Georgian Triangle area for renovations, maintenance and repairs.  All property areas whether home, rentals or residential, commercial or cottage are serviced by One Call Does It All. We are available  for all jobs in all seasons.  

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We are Insured
We are Licensed
We are Professional
We supply References
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We are bilingual (french/english)
Our quality workmanship is guaranteed
We are your All Season
Professional Handyman
Interior and Exterior Services
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One Call Does It All
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Site Supervisor and Assistant Site Supervisor for New Home Construction

Certificate of Training for
Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Natural Gas for Construction Heaters Course

Standard First Aid with CPR A level

Propane Handling Course Training

St John Ambulance Level A CPR

Basic Fall Protection Training

Forklift operator license

Mobile Friendly

We can handle all of your home improvements

We provide a prompt reliable service.
Free quotes and consultation

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One Call Does It All, is your Handyman and Contractor for home improvements renovations and cottage or yard work.

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Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday
8:30 -5:00 pm

Closed Sat and Sunday including all Statutory Holidays

Wasaga Beach Handyman Service for all season home improvements

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Meet All Your Handyman Needs

All Season Handyman

As your house doctor, we plan home and cottage renovations with you.

We meet both your immediate, and long term needs. Working from Wasaga Beach as your home renovations contractor, our reputation is built on satisfied customers.

We are your Handyman for all seasons. We are licensed and insured and we can do it all for you.

We make it affordable and done on time. Big or little jobs are done right with a call to One Call Does It All. 

Client Satisfaction

Affordable Upgrades

We are a professional handyman service that strives to provide client satisfaction in home improvements with the best budgeted handyman service available.

As a small town general contractor, construction, handyman, painter, renovations and home improvements operator we will do our best for you. 

Reliable, trustworthy and responsible with quick response to queries allow scheduling on time and done right. 

Courteous Professional Workmanship

Trusted and Reliable

Interior and exterior home improvements, renovations, fence repairs, eavestrough cleaning, basement renovations, plumbing, wooden deck building, flooring, railings, stairs, bathroom, dry-walling, painting, kitchen remodeling ideas all with a free estimate and consultation.

We work to the best of our ability to satisfy our customers house, home, cottage or commercial needs and wants with guaranteed workmanship.

Call us, we return every call received quickly on time. We are trusted, reliable and on budget 

Started in the early 90's 

One Call does it All was started in North Bay, Ontario in the early 1990's but was only on a part-time basis.

We relocated to Mississauga in 1995 and ran a home renovation business in that area doing handyman and home improvement odd jobs part on the weekends."

Home improvements and renovations 

One Call Does It All home renovations and home improvement services began full time in 2006.

Our local business on-site staffing now varies by the size of renovation and home improvement so as to not affect our clients homes more than is needed.

Home improvements and home renovations are done on time and on budget to meet your needs. Decks, eves trough, fences, kitchens inside or out we are there for you.

Our professional service with excellent workmanship leads to our high customer satisfaction feedback.

Wasaga Beach in 2003

One Call Does It All moved the home renovation business to the Wasaga Beach, and Collingwood area in April of 2003.

Home improvements, home renovations and handyman jobs of all types are now done within the Georgian Triangle, Creemore, Barrie, Elmvale, Angus and throughout the areas of Bruce, Grey and Simcoe Counties.

Your Wasaga Beach connection for reliable handyman services

One Call Does It All handyman services are all year long. Our bilingual handyman service with French and English languages has over 25 years experience in home renovations.

Our handyman service provides expertise and advice to our clients to satisfy all of the customers wishes.

Our concerns are with you the customer. We are your Wasaga Beach area, reliable handyman connection for renovations and home improvements that are done on time, on budget and are done properly.




Home improvement projects that once inspired us can quickly fall by the wayside and linger on for years. Even the most meticulously planned job can often take far longer than you originally expected.

Stay on Schedule
Hiring a local handyman gives you an assured time frame for completion of your job and the peace of mind that comes with it.

A handyman will usually focus on smaller jobs, including many of the ones a general contractor would not take on. This means they often have more flexible schedules and your project is likely to be completed more quickly.

It’s His Job
The handyman doesn’t have to work around your job, childcare and social commitments like you would. He comes in and gets the job done with minimal fuss.


It might go against the grain to say that by paying your local handyman you’ll save money, but stay with me.

If you think about it, the handyman is far better equipped than you to take on your project. Here’s why:

First, he already has the right tools for the job. No more coming away from the hardware store having spent a small fortune, not totally sure if you have what you need for the job.

He’ll likely also come with relationships with local suppliers that have been built up over years and could secure you favorable rates on materials.

Second, he knows how to use the tools. A lot of time and effort goes into learning the skills needed to achieve the finish you want.

Thirdly, it’s not his first rodeo. He’s seen it all before – and worse – and has the skills to quickly complete the job.

From working on other homes locally he’ll know the impact of the environment on properties and what works best in the style of properties in your area.

That means he’ll know solutions that have worked before and that can mean saved time, money and stress for you.

As opposed to general contractors who take on large projects, handymen focus on small home improvement projects. This means lower overheads and simpler scheduling.

Your local handyman will have a more flexible schedule and should be able to be more accurate in their pricing. They also often work alone which reduces costs.

Don’t forget as well that you’re protecting what is probably your biggest asset. Keeping your home well maintained will help ensure it keeps its value.


The lingering doubts mentioned at the outset are just one of the headaches that you can save if you hire a local handyman.

Stress is also part and parcel of the renovating process, however small the project. This is especially true when it’s not your field of expertise.

Lack of Skills
As well as the pressure and frustration that comes from learning new skills and operating new machinery, there’s the hassle of costing and obtaining all the needed tools and materials.

Without experience, this can be a guessing game and a costly one at that. We’ve all seen a friend’s garage stuffed with unused cans of paint and packs of tools for those projects they never got around to.

Pressure on the Family
Relationships also need to be taken into consideration. Managing and running a renovation project, however minor it seems at the outset, will take its toll on any relationship.

Do it yourself projects also tend to take much longer. This impacts on the whole family whilst works are taking place, reducing living space and increasing hazards.

This is especially true if work is fitted around other responsibilities like a full-time job.


A survey found that over 1 in 4 DIYers or their relatives will end up in the hospital each year due to home improvement related injuries.

The knock on effects of lost time and earnings can also start to make a serious dent in any money saved by going it alone.

Danger Areas
Common causes of injury include improper use of ladders, hand tools, table tools and knives.

Many things look like common sense to operate but can easily go wrong. Even the humble ladder, if not used at the correct angle or not following basic rules such as not using the final two steps can easily get you into serious difficulty.

Small electrical and plumbing jobs should be treated with caution. Projects using chemicals also contribute to the emergency room trips made each year.

Safety First
Safety is a big part of your local handyman’s everyday life. He knows it saves a lot of time and anguish and he’ll be trained in safe techniques for use of equipment.

He also has the appropriate protective gear that will safeguard himself and your home whilst work is being completed.

Your projects may not end in DIY disasters photo galleries, but without years of training and experience, it is hard to achieve the level of detail and finish a quality local handyman can bring.

Whilst it can be hard to admit that our skills might not be up to the job, the handyman will have his areas of expertise.

Harder Than It Looks
Even jobs that seem simple such as painting walls and replacing light fittings are harder than they appear when you’re looking for a high-end finish.

Discuss first what skills he enjoys and excels in, select the right handyman for your particular needs and this will shine through in the end result.

The Takeaway
DIY is not always the money saver it seems to be. Doing it yourself can cause headaches and stress when things go wrong, put you and your family at risk of injury and end up costing more than you expected.

Instead, why not choose a quality local handyman who will take care of everything to a high standard?

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We do our best for you to meet your needs and wants on budget on time.  Affordable quality work.

CUT ONCE and get it right

Our professional work is guaranteed.

Our Handyman Repair Services

 Our Wasaga Beach professional handyman services can accommodate all of your home improvements, office repairs or home renovations year round with yard work, outside or inside home or property.

We will even match any competitors written price and in some cases even beat it. Your Consultation and a Free Estimate is only one call away.

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Assembly of any interior or outdoor assembly kits
Basement and kitchen remodeling
Bath Tub, bathroom and shower caulking
Bathroom leaks and water damage
Bathroom remodeling
Bathroom Renovations
Bathtub, shower stalls,
Bedroom Closet lining
Bedroom Closet track alignment
Bedroom Pictures and Frames Hanging
Bedroom Shelves/Closet
Build and repair storage sheds
Carpentry & Joinery Cabinets
Carpentry Window Frames, Doors etc.
Caulking- Interior and Exterior Drywall repair and installation
Ceiling, stucco and popcorn water damage
Ceramic Tile Repair
Cleaning drainage pipes
Clearing plugged drains and sinks
Cottage opening & closing
Crack Repairs
Crown molding installation
Custom shower and bathtub caulking
Deck cleaning and staining
Deck Construction and Repair
Dimmer Switches Replace switch/outlet
Door and Window replacement, repair
Door installation
Door repair and adjustment
Drain cleaning Installation - floor, back splash,
Drawer handles and latches
Drywall repair and installation
Drywall repairs
Eaves trough (gutter) cleaning
Electrical Wiring
Energy-saving Light Bulbs
Eves trough and Gutter cleaning drywall
Faucet, Taps repair and replacement
Fence and Gate Repairs
Fence and post repair, replacement
Fix and replace decking
Floor laying, new and resurfacing
General Carpentry
General Repairs outside and Inside
Gutter Cleaning and Repair
Gutter cleaning and repair
Hanging wide-screen TV's
Hardwood & Laminate, Refinishing
Heater Filter replacement
Home Improvements
Ice/Water to Refrigerator
Install basin and shower doors
Install/Replace Ceiling Fans
Installation and set up of new Appliances
Installation of Attic insulation
Kitchen Cabinet doors and hinges
Kitchen cabinets, doors and drawers
Kitchen Countertop installation
Kitchen Fittings and Improvements
Laundry tub removal and replacement
Laying laminate flooring
Locks, door knobs, gate, repairs
New door and window installation
New Kitchen appliance installation
New Showers and Power Shower Systems
Painting & Decorating of walls, woodwork
Painting Inside and Outside
Plumbing and Bathroom Remodeling
Plumbing repairs
Power washing
Power washings decks and sidewalks
Preventive maintenance
Property maintenance
Property maintenance
Putting up shelves
Re caulking of stand up showers
Renew sealant around baths and basins
Renovation and demolition
Repair and replace small roofs
Repair of faucet and drains
Repair to dryers and dishwashers
Repair, finishing drywall
Replace and adjust windows and doors
Replace screens on doors and windows
Roof maintenance and cleaning
Run telephone extensions, cables
Screen and window repair
Seasonal cleaning & maintenance
Shelving/Storage Assembly
Smoke detectors installation
Snow Removal
Soffit repair, cleaning
Staining and colour consultation
Toilet installation and repairs
Toilet leaks, drips and replacement
Toilet seat replacement
Trim installation, baseboards
Updating fixtures
Weather stripping doors /windows
Weather-stripping doors and windows
Window glass repair
Window Installations and caulking 
Wood staining and varnishing

Home ownership requires some attention to home construction, maintenance, repair and renovation. Your home maintenance attentiveness is an affordable method to increase your home equity. Waiting on maintenance means a bigger job in the future. ONE CALL DOES IT ALL can do it all and is the handyman of choice.

We are your handyman for all seasons. We do both  inside or outside work all year around .  


We match any competitors written price and in some cases even beat it. You can trust us to work with you and achieve the results you want in both an affordable manner with quality work on time.

We have the expertise to tackle all the jobs around the house and the yard. Besides saving you time we save you money buy getting to you completely free quotes on the job at very competitive rates.

Handyman services from One Call Does It All in Wasaga Beach saves you time and personal stress.
We answer all calls quickly, show up on time and are professional in all aspects of the job.

Experience in the field of handyman carpentry and building allows us to see things that may be hidden from the consumers view.  Stud placement in the walls, covered up patches from the past are some of the items that may not be discovered.  We see what is there, what is missing and what needs to be done.

We work with a friendly polite courteous attitude, that allows for a a pleasurable experience, a warm smile and a firm handshake. We are a  trusted service that is  dedicated, friendly, hard-working, and caring. They truly care about their customers. As a jack of all trades we offer a level of service that’s difficult to find elsewhere.  We  are well-versed in accommodating and handling all needs around the home.

ONE CALL DOES IT ALL  is just a phone call away
General home construction and fixture repairs. Painting and floor tiling services.
Home storage solutions and installation.
Provision  cost-efficient home improvement
Maintenance and  longevity of the household
Spots potential problems
Fix the problems before they become large problems
Our professional service can take care of just about any issue, making building maintenance that much easier for you.

Grab Bars 
Baby Proofing
Smoke Alarms
Carbon Alarms
Shower Seats
Good Stairs and Steps
Indoor Motion Lights
Update Your Locks
Hand Railings
Lights with Motion Sensors
Entry Alarms
Window Blinds
- are simple ideas done quickly

Whatever your job, small, medium, large

- We can get it done for you

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