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Wasaga Beach Home Improvements, Renovations,
 Repairs and Upgrades to House, Cottage and Commercial Sites can be done now or planned for the future.  Call now for a quote.

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Interior and exterior home improvements, renovations, fence repairs, eavestrough cleaning, basement renovations, plumbing, wooden deck building, flooring, railings, stairs, bathroom, dry-walling, painting, kitchen remodeling ideas all with a free estimate and consultation.

We work to the best of our ability to satisfy our customers house, home, cottage or commercial needs and wants with guaranteed workmanship. We are your Handyman for all seasons. We are licensed and insured and we can do it all for you. Below are some sample projects. 

Living room renovations can be simple painting, ceiling and walls.

Add a simple patio, deck and backdoor exit / entrance way to your yard

Build an outside sitting area with shade or sunlight.  Sheltered with a roof and has easy access and space to entertain.

Ceiling painting and Molding enhance any room

Crown molding around the room enhances the ceiling front to back. Newly painted ceilings with additional lights or fans allow comfortable seating areas.

Bathroom showers and sinks can be done

Shower installations can be simple or complex. You can plan to have them match your budget, space and time.


Back splash, counters cabinets and doors can be upgraded.  Kitchen improvements improve and freshen the living space. Have old appliances moved out and new ones moved in wired and working.

Storage Areas

New storage area can be created in the basement garage or elsewhere in your home.

Fencing and Enclosures 

Fences and enclosures can be done with your selection of both style and materials

Basement Finishing

Stairways, walls, ceiling and dry wall can all be built new or painted and upgraded.

Hardwood Floors

Enhance your hallways, living room or bedrooms with a new flooring chosen by you.

Attic Space Renovations

Attic space can be over- looked when it could be renewed and made workable.

Rebuild Spaces

Design and rebuild open spaces for a more useful comfortable and functional enjoyment of space

Outside Decks and Patios

Decks and Patios whether raised or ground level enrich your outdoor living areas for relaxation and entertainment.

Tiled Floors

Tiled floor when installed are less maintenance and long lasting.

Rebuilt Space Areas

Rebuilding new spaces in areas allow greater and more versatile use of your living spaces.

Outside rear decks can give easy access to the backyard for emergencies and recreation.

Properly designed decks can allow for extra storage space beneath the deck 

Decks can be made to fit your yard and house dimensions and to enhance your life style outside

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