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Home Renovation and
House Repair Photos

Our home renovation work for interior and exterior house renovations, repairs, basement renovations, wooden decks and railings takes us to many different and varying jobs. We work to the best of our ability to satisfy the customers wants and needs with guaranteed workmanship.                 

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Home Improvements, renovations,
repairs and new builds, we can do it for you.
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Call us because all odd jobs, major or minor around the home, cottage or yard is what we do. Some of our work is illustrated below.



This backsplash extends to the counter top and to the vent and upper cabinets.

backsplash over stove

Adding a rectangular center piece to the backsplash gives it extended depth.


Added a white backsplash into the kitchen. This installed backsplash extends across the wall above the sink and on both sides of the counter.


Backslashes are used between the counter tops and cabinets above them. They serve to dress up the kitchen and provide easy cleaning.

Backsplashs allow you to give your kitchen a designer look and personal touch.


Hardwood floors have countless choices of species, sizes, colours and finish to create the ambiance you desire.

This person hired us to remove
old carpeting
in the basement from
the previous owner
and to install new
Goodfellow flooring for him.

Goodfellow has long been the leader
in the processing and distribution of
Exotic Woods, Douglas Fir,
Construction Timber, Cedar,
Pine and Hardwoods.

They distribute a wide range of
flooring, siding and decking products.

Customer was very happy
with the final result

Old carpeting removed

This person hired
a contractor
to start
and complete
his custom steam shower for him.

He later fired him
and hired us
to complete
the project.

steam showers

steam showers

steam showers


Removal of old laminate and installation
of new laminate flooring

Laminate flooring installation

Beauty, durability, and affordability all come together in a Bruce laminate floor.


We put a paint blocker on the ceiling
to prevent any staining from coming threw.
Then we put two coats of paint on top.

Walls received two coats of paint,
as well with the same color.


This Mountain Springs condominium
in Collingwood was a total revamp
to bring it up to date.

It was a One Week Turn around time
to complete for newly launched Project.
Here is what we did.

New patio door
New vanity and lighting
Freshly painted walls and trim
and doors
Add barn wood on fireplace wall.
Replace all existing lights
with new lighting.
New updated sliding closet doors


We complete all jobs on schedule and in a timely manner for major renovations on both private homes and business.

Shower Installation

Cranberry Resort in Collingwood ontario

Collingwood Cranberry Resort

After the initial tear down and site preparation work we start on finishing
the completed work.

One Call Does It All has corporate accounts such as the Cranberry Resort in Collingwood.

Cranberry Resort Collingwood ontario

Collingwood Ontario The Cranberry Resort

Below is the finished Cranberry Resort project in Collingwood, Ontario.

One Call does It All Inc has a strong work ethic in setting and achieving goals.

We are dependable and consistently following through with a positive attitude in creating a good environment.

We work effectively making the most out of our collaboration with clients.

As effective communicators we understand the benefits of clarity and good workmanship resulting in quality craftsmanship.


Some contractors may have problems
installing and completing shower project kits.

Shower Installation

One Call Does It All, can do it all.
This unit is a Maxx Utile shower kit.

Custom Installation of enclosed showers


Drywall installation and expertise is required to do complex jobs.

Proper cutting, placement,
taping, mudding is required.
Drywall Installation_and_mudding


Bathroom Shower Enclosuers

Pot Lights in Ceiling

New Sink and Cabinet Installation

Total or partial bathroom renovations can modernize and freshen up your room.

Bathroom Showers

Refinished Floors




Ikea Cabinets and  LED lights

Kitchen Cabinets

LED lights in cabines


Kitchen Counters

Kitchen Cabinets
We painted the house interior,
installed the light fixtures
added the back splash
to the kitchen walls
Kitchen painting

Kitchen Counters

Kitchen Cabinets


Movable table
Sewing table can be used as a place
for crafts sewing or as an organizer.

Table organizer
When seated the table extension
for allows knee space

table and shelfs
Ample space allows for storage of tot
boxes and odd sizes containers

sewing table
Custom table can be used independently
as a place for crafts or storage.
table drawers
drawer cages

Hardwood Floor Master Bedroom
Dining room hardwood floor

We installed new hardwood in the master bedroom and front dining room and master closet.

We also did a complete bathroom renovation and renovated with a new product by Maxx called Utile shower units.

We installed new tile flooring and bathroom toilet and vanity and sink

Hardwood Flooring Renovation


Bathroom shower sink mirror
and light fixture installation

Bathroom Shaower Installation
Bathroom Mirrors and Light Fixtures


Osler Ski Club Area
Basement renovation
in the Osler Ski Club Area

Gyprock installation
Insulated sealed
and covered.
Osler Ski Door
Ceiling, electrical, door,
baseboard and trim, installed

osler ski hill area Complete with hardwood
floors and painted walls


Interior Garage Loft
is easily accessed for
your inside storage.

Built within the
existing garage structure
the loft frees
an area
for your
storage requirements.

It is Smart
and Secure.

Garage Lodft Access Stairs
Stairs to Garage Loft
Garage Loft Without Walls
Loft without Walls

Garage Storage Under and Over Loft
Loft Storage Under and Over

Garage Interior Loft Walls
Walls are Installed

When You Have No More Space
A Garage Loft Creates Space
For Your Extra Storage.

Custom Built
for Your Garage Area
and Specific To Your Needs.

Inside Storage Area of Garage Loft
Inside Storage Area


Hardwood Floor Installation
is affordable and expertly installed

Hardwood Floor Layout
Laying out the floor and installing the Hardwood Floor

Hardwood Floor
Hardwood Floor Finished

Hardwood Floor and Baseboard
Finished Hardwood Floor and baseboard


Framing Garage Storage Area
Framing the Garage Storage Area
for Lower Storage Area

Bathroom Floor Rot
Interior Garage Storage Area With
Garage Doors System Installed

Garage Stairs to Storage Area
Garage Stairs to Storage Area

Inside new Garage Storage Area
Inside The New Garage Storage Area


Bathroom Floor Removal Bathroom Floor Rot

Floor rot can mean an entire replacement.
This cottage only had a toilet and sink
so we added the plumbing and shower unit.

Bathroom Wall Removal

Once the walls and floors
were exposed the work
could be completed properly
with solid walls and solid floors.

You can have a newly finished
bathroom that will make you proud.

Wall and bathtub removed
Bathroom Floor  replacment Finished Bathroom


Carpeting can be replaced with oak veneer treads, risers and returns

Carpeted Staircase Oak Stairway


Water damage in a home can be
devastating. It is something that you want to fix quickly
and have it done right.

One Call Does It All Inc
can do it all for you.
Water Damage can be fixed
laminate floor fixes water damage basewood and wood floors
flooded room floor Finished Floor and painted  trim
Finishing a damaged floor whether it
be wood or carpet may involve the
base board or walls. Painting rather
than replacement of the baseboard
could be an economical solution.
Transistion from wood to carpet
Underlay is an important factor in flooring Carpet in basement room


Bathroom Renovation Bathroom Vanity Installation
Bathroom Renovations
are a matter of
making good choices

All you need to do is call
One Call Does It All Inc.

Bath tub Installations
Bathroom renovations

Some renovations call for some drastic action
to make some amazing improvements

Ripped Up Bathroom Floor

New Toilet Installation

Bathroom Sink Installation

Bathroom Fllor Ripped Up

Shower Head

Shower Enclosure inset into corner


Stairs - Floors - Ceilings - Walls - Windows and Doors
Can Be Renovated, Fixed or Changed

new laminate basement stair installation

new landing rear door installation
room installation

new basement stair installation
laminate floor installation

flooring installed
New Laminate Floor Installed

Custom Work Done
on Garage Doors
and Custom Unit
built into Wall

Garage Doors
Custom Shelves

Block Wall
Stages to Completion
Block wall
Block Wall Preparation Block Wall Finished


Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity

Kitchen Cabinets and Counter

Kitchen cabinets and counter


Painted Finished Room

Harwood Floor Painted Room Finished


Removed the Carpet then Under pad and
Screwed the Plywood down for the Hardwood Installation

Harwood Floor Hardwood Floor Pieces


Painted Stippled Ceiling and Walls

Painted Stpplled Ceiling Painted Walls


Painted Railing on Hard Wood Floor

Railigs Painted Painted Railings


Fireplace Tiles Installed with Hard Wood Floor

Fireplace Tiles in Hard wood floor Floor tiles at fireplace


Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Underlay Bathroom Floor
Shower Installallation Tub Tiles

Living Room Renovations with Wall Painted and Stipple Ceiling

ceiling being painted SAtipple Ceing Masked
Masked Light Fixtures Finished Ceiling

Institutional Renovations - Correctional Services Installation

Correctional Services installation
of vapour barriers, acoustic sealant
then drywall and finishing with
the tape and mud and prep for paint
Correctional Services  Commercial Work
Insulation and vapor barrier installation Dry Wall work started
wood framing Holding cell stud structure
holding correctional services Finished_Holding Cell

Dry Wall Preparation and Finishing in Home and Basement Renovation

Dry Wall Preparation for Final Finishing
Shows Tape and Mud Work
on the Walls and Ceiling

Dry Wall Stairway


Dry Walls

Basement Home Renovations
make areas both enjoyable and usable.

Barrie Basement
 Barrie Ontario Drywall
Basaement renovation  Bedroom in Basement


Total Wall, Ceiling and
Dry Wall Renovation
from the floor up

Home Upgrades Finish with all
kitchen appliances
fully installed

Vapour Barrier Ceilings

home renovations

Ceiling Work with dry wall

Dry Wall Ceiling Mud
Floor and ceiling renovation finished dry wall ceilings

dry wall walled living room

finished dry wall renovation
kitchen reno stove installation

Bathroom Upgrades and Renovation Work is in Constant Demand

Toilet installation
Bathroom Sink Installation

Light Fixtures
Electrical Switch and Outlet



Burlongton,Ontario fireplace Burlington

Living Room Renovation with Interior paint and wall refinishing work


Hardwood Floor Removal
Hardwood Floor Removal

Hardwood Flooring and Trim
Hardwood Floor trim Painted

Hardwood Floor Installlation

Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Floor installation and wall painted
Hardwood Floor Walls painted

Fireplace installation

Custom gas fireplace mantel
and base acts as a room divider
and focal point

French door Installations
Basement renovation
to make space appear
larger with French Doors
into the master bedroom

Crown Moulding installlation by Wasaga beach Handyman
Crown Molding installation
through out the room

 Coloum divider for living room

Column to cover ceiling beam
and act as a room divider

 Ceremaic floor tiles installed at enterance

Ceramic flooring installation gives
a regal look to the house entrance

complete harwood flooring done
New Living Room Hardwood
Flooring complete
with baseboard trim and crown

laminate flooring installations
Basement with laminate flooring and mirrored custom doors with baseboard trim
Unfinished closet renovation
Unfinished bedroom closet to renovate.

closet with trim and doors installed
Closet with trim and door frame added
Closet with trim and dor frame added
When looking at your home
and possible improvements
there are many simple possibilities
to enhance your house.

Enhancements serve you on both
a functional and economical basis.

Closet renovation finished with doors
Enhancements serve to better
your living experience
and better your selling opportunities.

Both house exterior or interior work,
can be done on a
planned economic basis.


Crown Molding installation
Crown molding corners
crown molding along criling

Crown molding on ceiling

Enterance crown molding angles
Crown molding angles
Door frame Crown molded
Door Hanging and Installation



This new outside wooden patio
had to be built after tearing out
the old patio.

It was replaced with this new patio deck
with a set of new wooden stairs leading
down into the backyard area.



Outside patio stairs joining
the second floor to the ground floor.

Garage Doors Painted and trimmed
Custom Loft Floor


Wooden stairs now extend from the patio to the lower level.
Front Doors weather striped and painted

Outside wood and metal railing
matches the patio railing design.

The finished stairway has matching
weatherproof post caps

Custom Loft Wall Studs


We painted the garage doors and installed garage door weather stripping.

Garage Doors Painted and trimmed
Designed a custom garage loft for storage by first laying out the floor structure
Custom Loft Floor

Custom designed loft inside
garage finished and painted
Custom Loft Wall Finished

We painted both the
front door and trim.
Front Doors weather striped and painted

Following the floor structure came the wall studding so it can be covered.

Custom Loft Wall Studs

On the exterior wall we installed a clever hanging rack for equipment

Custom Equipment Wall Rack


Pressure washing your roof can clean it up by removing debris and moss.

Pressure Wash Your Roof




Cottage or home trailers can have outside patios complete with steps and patio railings.
Front patio with steps

Wood patio with railing

Patio_Railing_and Sugnage

Finished double garage doors
and front door entrance way. Everything sanded and painted.

Sanded and Painted garage doors
Front Door enterance  painted and sanded

Start to finish back yard
deck with outside steps.
Patio Deck Posts Foundation

Patio Posts going in
Patio Stairs and deck done

Completed Woodebn Deck

A Wasaga Beach cottage
deck with beach, water and sand
does not have to be elaborate.

Cottage decks can be functional,
economical,efficient and effective.
Cottage Deck Wasaga Beach

Storage shed assembly
is not a problem.

One Call Does It All Inc., builds the base, the storage shed
and positions it where
you want it.

Back Yard Storage Shed base
Storage Shed FlooringCompleted Storage Shed

We do full BBQ assemblies
right from the original
box of pieces.

We can even test and
position the BBQ for you.
BBQ Assemble


Second floor patio stairs reaching the ground

Patios can be built at ground level
or from higher levels. Getting down
to the ground floor is not a problem.
Here is an upgraded second floor patio that now has access to the ground level.

Beside the actual convenience of up
and down, the stairs become a built
in safety factor that serve as a
fire escape in case of emergencies.

One call does it all Contractor Collingwood Ontario  

New Fence Posts on a
Damaged Wooden Fence

Damaged wooden fence

Fallen Wooden Fence Restored Upright
The Beach Wasaga Beach  Radio
Commercial Renovations and Repair
Fascia Painting

Eaves trough System Repair and Installation

Geaorgian Triangle Radio Station Radio Wasaga Beach


collingwood, Ontario
Backyard Renovations
entrance side of house

Patio joins to house
collingwood, Ontario
Finished patio stairs
Raised Patio Deck
collingwood, Ontario



Before a fence

Before a fence

After a Fence


After a Fence

raised wooden deck installed
Outside raised wooden deck.
outside stairs to wooden deck

Wooden stairs leading to backyard.

rear  screens and porch door installed
Rear porch and screens replaced
and windows recapped.

cottage windows capped and chaulked

Close up of recapping and new screens
new porch roof and shingles
Porch and roof re shingled

Unsafe porch roof repairs

Replaced and renovated an unsafe cottage roof with new porch roof and shingles
new siding on cottage

Cottage renovations with siding
with a new window installed
evestrough installed all around
New eaves trough all around the cottage

windows installed fitted and completed
Two new cottage windows installed to
help winterize the cottage
   front enterance deck and stairs to improve the house

Front porch renovation built to clients
design so they could enjoy the morning sun

Two level outside wooden deck for outside leisure
Two level wooden deck
with metal picket railings
special order metal pickets for new deck railing
Special order metal black pickets
installed on new deck railing

new deck rails on outside wooden deck stairway
New Deck with railing and steps
wooden deck installation with railings

Wooden Deck with wood railings and steps
 before and after work on wooden deck

Before and After Patio Work
 new wooden deck stained
After Patio Deck Renovation
 old deck needs staining finished stained wooden deck
old outside deck in need of staining finished staining of stairway to deck

A Wooden Patio Deck Installation
with Stairs and Railing
from Start to Finish

Patio Wood layout
Wooden Patio Base Structure finished wooden patio with steps


Exterior Home Renovation
with Garage Door
Front Door and Patio Entrance
Painted and Repaired

garage door work to improve curb appeal
curb appeal finshed to garge door front door enterance way
front doors masked for work finished front enterance
 One Call Does It All inc. does window and door repair
Hardwood and laminate floors are done by us

Let your first call be your only call
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Email: onecalldoesitall@Rogers.com


Odd jobs and maintenance by an experienced handyman
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