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Town of Wasaga Beach
Business Licence

One Call Does It All  Handyman  Services 
Up to date with Wasaga Beach licence regulations and building codes.
Fully authorized and licensed to do your work.

Business license Wasaga Beach

One Call Does It All Handyman Services is proud to be part of one of the fastest growing communities on the World's Longest Freshwater Beach.  

We are a locally owned handyman small contractor businesses that serves over 21,000 full-time residents and 9,000 seasonal residents. We do  home and commercial work for all.  

Wasaga Beach has outstanding growth, with the more than 1,600,000 tourists who visit Wasaga Beach each year, Our services include resorts and cottages repairs and renovations.

‚Äč Our handyman service is one of the best all season home handyman services in the area.  

We are local, committed, honest and fair to all in the Georgian area we serve.
We are licensed, trained, experienced  and insured.


One Call Does It All Inc. 
452 Ramblewood Dr,
Wasaga Beach, ON., L9Z-1P4


Email: Denis at:
Phone:  (705) 422-1200


Wasaga Beach Business Licence 
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Business in Wasaga Beach


Please send us your ideas, questions and queries.  We can make your projuect work for you. Free estimates and quotes.